New App & Badging System FAQ

What incentives will there be to earn badges?

Participants will have opportunities to earn badges for completing activities, demonstrating and exhibiting observable behaviors associated with key commitments, life skills and various golf accomplishments. Badges will be largely self-motivating for participants. Like video games or other technology kids engage with, there is an intrinsic desire to earn the next award and collect these badges. Moving from one age group to the next will not be tied to badging.

How do participants earn digital badges?

Digital badges are auto awarded after successful completion of online lessons and knowledge challenges via the First Tee app. You can access the app from your Apple or Android device or tablet, or from an internet browser. The games and activities are also available to download for offline use.

How will coaches and chapters track Bag Tag + Sticker Badges for demonstrated behaviors in class?

The goal for 2024 is to encourage adoption of this new gamification element and for coaches to recognize participant skills and behaviors using the Bag Tag + Sticker Badges. During an 8-week program or full day summer camp, there will be a select few days where participants will be assessed and given the opportunity to earn their stickers. These days will be communicated with participants and their families to ensure adequate time to prepare.

What about participants who do not have access to technology at home?

The First Tee app has supplemental and optional content. It is meant to enhance concepts and bring them to life in new ways. For those without access to technology, First Tee – Greater Charlotte can print supplemental activities for each lesson for those participants. Additionally, sticker badges are awarded for achievements during in-person activities, regardless of a participant’s completion of First Tee app content.

Are badges weighted at all?

In the future, badges will be assigned point values and in general, Bag Tag + Sticker Badges will carry more weight than auto-assigned badges for digital lesson completion and knowledge challenges.

Do badges impact national participant opportunity eligibility?

No, a specific badge or set of badges will not determine eligibility for national participant events.

Is there a goal for the number of badges a participant should collect at each age level?

Badges are designed to recognize participant achievement and there is no set expectation for what a participant should earn. The goal should be set by each individual participant.

How do badges factor into tracking progression?

Gamification elements (attendance, digital badges, and bag tag badges) will determine participant progression within the program over time.

Will there be new digital badges associated with new digital content?

The goal is to release new opportunities to receive digital badges over time.

When will the new badging system be implemented?

Starting with Winter 2024 programs, First Tee – Greater Charlotte will begin utilizing the new badging system.

Will my participants’ progress made in the old curriculum be transferred to the new badging system?

Yes, however please be patient as we work toward moving all historical progress to the new badging system. We will work together with participants and chapter records to ensure that any previous progression/level accomplishments get transferred over.

What if a participant misplaces or loses a bag tag?

Each participant is responsible for their bag tag. Bag tags will only be given to participants with memberships who are 7+ years old (participants in regular weekly programming). First Tee – Greater Charlotte will NOT replace lost bag tags. The cost for a replacement bag tag is $5. Bag tags are given for the below age levels. Bag tags will NOT be given each season or each year, they will only be given upon advancing to a new age group, so it’s important that participants be responsible for their bag tag.

Bag Tags will be assigned by curriculum age group according to the below:

Where can I find more information about the First Tee App?